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Vision For South Africa

In a country where Africans in general are excluded from the mainstream economy, UAT strives for inclusivity, empowerment and ownership of the economy by the majority of Africans. By addressing this exclusion head-on, we can pave the way for a future where Africans have the opportunity to thrive.

To strengthen our sovereignty as a nation, we must focus on building robust social services that cater to the needs of all citizens. By ensuring access to basic nutritious food parcels, to quality healthcare, education, investing in trade schools and growing our traditional organic foods and ensuring funding support systems, we can create a more resilient and prosperous society.

Zero-corruption should be our mantra as we work hard to fight crime which seeks to undermine the country’s stability and peace. We take a firm stand against the significant threat of crime in the nation. Through concerted efforts to strengthen law enforcement and justice systems through increased police presence, advanced surveillance technology, and judicial reforms. By promoting transparency and accountability at all levels of governance, we can build trust among our people and attract investment that drives sustainable development.

Investing in infrastructure is key to unlocking our nation's potential. By providing reliable power generation, efficient transportation networks, and industrialisation of townships and rural economies, we can connect communities and foster economic growth across regions.

As a Pan-African movement, we strive for the total emancipation of Africa from neo-colonialism policies that undermine our sovereignty to free Africans from the shackles of 30 years of democratic illusion.

Let's Get It Right and build a safe and prosperous working South Africa for all.

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