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Makhubung House and Food Relief

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Tau Project renovates an incomplete house in Makhubung village, outside Mahikeng and gifts the community 140 food parcels.

“For far too long we have watched our communities suffer while the elite leaders of this country enjoy sushi and go on holidays in Dubai, ignoring the suffering of our people.”

Makhubung House and Food Relief

The Tau Project team took a trip to Makhubung village, just outside Mahikeng in the North West province. The initiative of upgrading an incomplete house to a fully furnished house started when a widowed mother of four’s house was identified and her house was set a project to be renovated or rather completed.

The majority of the floors in the house had no smooth surfaces and the doors were in poor condition. The site team worked on the house for less than two weeks and delivered a stunning project with tiled floors, new furniture, new beds and new curtains.

Tau Project looks at the needs of our communities and assists where possible. This initiative was in partnership with Madiga Project.

Tau Project also donated 140 food parcels to the community members who gathered at the opening function on 19 January 2023. The local chief was in attendance and thanked Tau Project and UAT for the work done and the progressive vision the party has demonstrated in their presentation.

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